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2021 recap: A year of scalable business growth and technological developments at DaveAI

  • Jui Bagul
  • December 29, 2021
2021 recap: A year of scalable business growth and technological developments at DaveAI

It has been said that shared happiness is powerful. For DaveAI, sharing these moments with everyone involved in this journey multiplies the joy this year had to offer.

2021 has been a year that has seen immense growth in the field of technology. In the period of recent technological advances, Artificial Intelligence was the leading domain that gave a lot of significant opportunities of building a solid foundation of digital transformation to a lot of industries. It has been an eventful year for DaveAI as well. Carving the way forward, there were certain remarkable events that took centre stage in the year that went by that contributed to scalable business growth.

Democratizing AI for enterprises has always been the vision adopted by DaveAI. This vision led to a win in the BPCL Startup Grand Slam Season #1 that revolved around Enhancing Customer Experience at BPCL fuel stations with DaveAI’s virtual avatars. The digital persona of a brand can be built with these virtual avatars that strike a human-like conversation with customers to provide personalized recommendations that deliver a compelling customer experience. Speaking about wins, 2021 added a feather in DaveAI’s cap that was led by the GMR hackathon win.

When there was a surge in the covid cases this year, a lot of misleading information was being circulated on different platforms creating panic and chaos everywhere. To make relevant information reach people in need, DaveAI in partnership with NASSCOM had started an initiative that consisted of a covid bot deployed with relevant information providing capabilities that could converse with people in 6 different languages. This bot was capable of transmitting information like the availability of oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, medicines, etc to people across various regions for them to get help immediately. This mission was catapulted by the need to verify information available for its authenticity and streamline legitimate information in one place to avoid uncertainty. The factors driving this initiative were the technology pillars of DaveAI and the use of human resources to multiply efforts.

Intuitive use of modern technology today has led to the availability of information at the fingertips that has revolutionized the lives of people. Technological developments are influencing various domains in the world. A profound change can be seen in the existing processes that has highlighted the fact that these reactive technologies can be made proactive by innovating solutions as and when the situations arise. With various new trends coming to the forefront adapting to the demands of the market according to these evolving times and providing customer experience to users has become a challenge that can be solved with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. For DaveAI, coming up with solutions to enhance the customer experience people have at every touchpoint with a business ( scalable business growth) and making product discovery easier was the theme that led to an evolution of the technologies it has been working with.

The technology layer that forms the basis of DaveAI’s empathetic AI platform consists of a conversational engine with speech and NLP for two-way conversations, Real-time 3D visualization technology for product visualizations, GDPR compliant facial detection technology for understanding the users and a multidimensional affinity engine to hyper personalize a conversation. A blend of these four key pieces of technologies helps brands create the next generation of sales experiences with AI-powered virtual avatars. In the essence of this strategy, Karnataka Bank deployed a bot developed by DaveAI. The bot; called DhIRA; helps provide banking services with a rich customer experience.

This year also witnessed the collaboration of DaveAI and Intel for the open retail initiative that helps accelerate the pace of innovation in the retail sector. This program sees various organizations coming together to bring digital solutions to commonly occurring problems in retail. To create the perfect coherence of a digital transformation in alliance with other businesses, these digital solutions are driven by values like teamwork, trust, customer centricity, and honesty built around the objective of making meaningful contributions to the world.

Collaborating with The Royal Furniture group in the Middle East region to build a product configurator was the start of a journey leading to global business market destinations. When it comes to providing products suitable to the individual needs of a customer, achieving the desired business goals becomes strenuous. That is where a product configurator comes to the rescue that automates the process of providing a catalogue to people to make the item go into production sooner simplifying the process of product discovery. Collaborating with Maruti Suzuki to design AI-based solutions to enrich customer interactions on various digital platforms this year led to some new benchmarks being set in the automotive industry. This partnership will keep contributing to various digital strategies being deployed to drive significant growth in tune with the AI-led transformation being seen today. This year was put under the magnifying glass with various such developments in DaveAI’s kitty that were a result of the provision of a rich blend of speech, data, and intelligence powered AI solutions to businesses of various industries across the globe ensuring scalable business growth .

Maruti Suzuki scalable business growth
Maruti Suzuki x DaveAI

With this year pulling its curtain down, bridging the gap between self-assisted online discovery & salesperson-assisted offline discovery, DaveAI is moving towards achieving more growth in the upcoming year. Sharing the important snippets of the year that was a momentous one brings us immense joy. Helping brands drive sales with various AI-powered products that led to an advanced product discovery in the past year is driving DaveAI to break the stigma associated with the complexity of AI one step at a time. With the same enthusiasm in the coming year, DaveAI will contribute to the society by creating intelligent solutions to help businesses cater to customer requirements in a hyper-personalized way to open new ways for innovation.