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Democratizing AI one small step at a time

Artificial Intelligence is a niche area with only a handful of people understanding what goes on behind the scenes. Our vision is to build a platform that is accessible by developers, enterprises and individuals who may not be AI specialists but could use different aspects of our system to create intelligent solutions for their problems and the larger good of society. We want to break the stigma associated with the complexity and difficulty of AI. We want to democratize AI.

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Here are the 4 Tenets of our Value System:

We are a group of ingenious individuals fueled by a passion to democratize AI by creating the perfect symphony of innovation with collaboration.

Be Curious

Why, How, What - Ask Questions

We not I

Empower Yourself and Others Around You.

Have a Chutzpah Spirit

Be Creative, Take Ownership, Have Fun!

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Honesty, Transparency & Purpose!


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Sriram P H

Sriram P H

Co-founder & Chief Evangelist
Dr Ananth

Dr Ananth

Co-founder & Ambassador of Technologies


Co-founder & Domain Lead


Senior Data Analyst, Founding Member
Soham Dutta

Soham Dutta

Senior Technologist, Founding Member
Sreenath P.G

Sreenath P.G

Technologist, Founding Member
Vidya Prabhu

Vidya Prabhu

Head of Marketing, Founding Member
Sridhar PG

Sridhar PG

Creative specialist
Vandana Shah

Vandana Shah

Lead - Delivery & Quality Assurance
Richa Kapre

Richa Kapre

Project Manager
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Our corporate accelerator, MAIL (Mobility and Automobile Innovation Lab) provides an excellent platform to startups to collaborate and work with Maruti Suzuki. We are collaborating with DaveAl winner of our MAIL program (cohort 2) to implement multiple Al based solutions to enrich the customer experience on our digital platforms. We are confident that with this partnership, we can set new benchmarks to enhance business performance and improve customer interface.

Shashank Srivastava

Executive Director, Maruti suzuki

After deploying DaveAl's solution with our existing system, understanding customer data and preference became very easy, it was seamless to configure the solution with various bonking scenarios at Axis Bank

Sandeep Charan

Analyst, Ex - Axis bank

Karnataka Bank has always dreamt about transmission. We have now taken a step towards being a bank of the future by introducing. DHIRA which is envisaged to enhance customer experience. It is a first-of-a-kind AL ML NLP bosed bot that can interact with customers both in speech & text. We believe that it will be the future digi face of the bank DaveAl has helped us take this step towards the vision of being the Bank Of Future

Pankaj Gupta

CDMO, Karnataka Bank

We have partnered with DaveAl to develop a one-of-a-kind visualizer to help users visualize our products in an effective way. We are committed to developing our brand online by providing our users new technology to explore.

Bhavesh Jhalani

Ex- Merino Laminates Employee

This DhiRa is going to be the digital face of Karnataka Bank going forward. So our digital centre of excellence team has come up with this new concept which is going to revolutionize and also digitalize all the banking activities from the point of view of customers and the bank. I wish all the sucess to the DhiRa concept of Bank of Karnataka.

Mahabaleshwaram S

MD, CEO, Karnataka Bank

Very happy being associated with DaveAI, in terms of some of these technologies in our digital transformation journey. We were on the verge of the global launch of our latest product, which is the Grand Vitara and along with that we decided to go a step further in our digital journey and then introduce that in the virtual world which we call the metaverse. And with that, we decided to introduce the Nexaverse and are very happy to share that DaveAI supported us immensely and in such a short span of time.

Ram Suresh Akella

-Executive Director, Marketing, MSIL

Cannot tell how phenomenally they have taken all the processes. If I say in one word, their work, the output that has come was just fabulous. And I am looking forward to working on many more projects with them. I also congratulate them on all the projects that they are doing.

Amrit Raj Kapoor

Project Manager, MSIL

We decided that we will be using virtual medium for our new model to communicate to the customer about the product. Doing it in 14 days wasn't an easy task, and I was told that it is DaveAI that was shortlisted. The work started even before the formal arrangements were in place, and I was sure that the team will do a good Job. I saw a lot of flexibility, agility, in the team. As we are receiving some good traction, we look forward to the same speed in the forthcoming projects.

Mahesh Kumar

Divisional Head, MSIL

"We are excited to partner with DaveAI and bring the 3D visualiser to our valued customers. This cutting-edge technology brings our extensive collection of quality sanitaryware to life in an entirely new way. Our customers can now explore and personalise imaginary bathroom facilities with unprecedented simplicity and realism. This deployment reflects Hindware's dedication to providing excellent client experiences while remaining at the forefront of industry innovation. We are enthusiastic about the unlimited possibilities that this collaboration opens up, and are looking forward to seeing our customers interact with our products in this immersive virtual environment."

Nitin Dhingra

CDO & Vice President at Hindware Limited.

We are excited to partner with DaveAI to bring their Gen.AI solutions to Retail Industry. Their expertise in Retail and their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions make them an ideal partner for Intel. Together, we are working to accelerate the adoption of AI and make it more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Shailesh Chaudhry

General Manager, Consumer Industries, Intel

Intel is committed to helping our partners succeed in the Gen AI era. Our partnership with DaveAI is a great example of how we are working together to bring Gen AI solutions to the market that can make a real difference in people's lives.

Sanjay Addicam V

Senior Principal Engineer , Consumer Industries, Network and Edge Compute Group, Intel

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