Our Approach

Making user interaction more Humanlike and Empathetic!

At DaveAI, we bring you a cutting-edge platform that combines various advanced technologies to create a truly personalized and immersive customer experience.

Making user interaction more Humanlike and Empathetic!
IIIT Hyedrabad
KTH Stockholm
IIIT Guwahati
Hakuhodo INC.
Plakshya University


Next-Gen Advantages

Unlock the Power of Innovation with DaveAI's Tech Architecture

No Cold Start Issues

Powered by online learning genetic algorithms, DaveAI starts making predictions with minimal data and continually learns on the go.

Flexible Deployments

Deploy DaveAI's platform on the cloud, VPC of your enterprise, or seamlessly on-premise, including edge deployments.

Cognitive Data Models

Our platform efficiently accommodates new products and attributes, making it highly adaptive and cognitive to changing business requirements.

Enterprise Grade Security

Industry best practices, including SSL encryption for data in transit, multifactor authentication for data at rest, and regular vulnerability testing.

APIs for Seamless Integration

Integrate DaveAI effortlessly with your existing enterprise systems using our RESTful APIs. Create functional applications that demand real-time intelligence.


Designed for enterprise-grade scalability, our containerized system supports auto-scaling, scheduling, and platform-agnostic portability.


Humanlike Two-Way Conversations


Realistic Avatars & Product Visualization


GDPR Compliant Facial & Image Recognition


Personalized Sales Recommendations

Optimized Edge Deployments
Intelligence at the Edge

Optimized Edge Deployments

With DaveAI's proprietary LSVASR system, facial detection, and the affinity engine, deployment at the edge becomes seamless. This opens up possibilities for innovative in-store digital deployments in both retail and banking effortlessly optimized for enhanced performance. Experience the power of humanlike interactions and personalized experiences that set us apart from traditional AI systems. Empower your business with DaveAI today!

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Building A Sustainable Future

We believe in the power of technology to drive positive change, and that's why our platform aligns closely with the
UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals.

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

- R&D with IIT Guwahati and KTH Stockholm.

- Strategic partnership: IIIT Hyderabad.

- Patents: 4 filed, 2 in progress.

Responsible Consumption & Production

- Compute optimization for AI & visualization workloads.

- IP for high-quality visuals on low GPU devices.

Our Partnerships for the Goals

- R&D partnerships: Intel & NVIDIA.

- Strategic tie-up: Hakuhodo Inc.

- Subsidiaries: Singapore & KSA.

We Can Shape Your Vision

Building the Future of Experiences with a Platform Approach.

Continuous R&D Focus

Partnered with top institutions, DaveAI's platform evolves with strong research and development.

Democratizing AI

Our scalable and secure platform empowers teams to create exceptional AI-powered solutions.

Innovative Patentable Technology

Foundational patentable technology drives groundbreaking solutions with pending patents.

Sustainability Aligned

Optimized compute consumption for AI and visualization, contributing to a sustainable future.

Integration with LLMs

Seamless integration with leading large language models to enhance platform capabilities.

Data Security Assurance

Trust our Named Entity Recognition System that ensures 100% data security, even for data in transit.

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Get in touch with our experts to explore the full potential of DaveAI's intelligent platform. Let us streamline a solution tailored to your specific needs and bring your business to life with DaveAI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re help you.

With the power of speech, data, and intelligence, DaveAI offers an unmatched customer product discovery experience with virtual sales avatar across different sectors.

Dave is available on all platforms include webistes, applications, Metaverse and devices like laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, VR headsets and kiosks.

Yes, DaveAI adopts industry best practices on security including SSL encryption for data in transit, multifactory authentication for data when stored, firewall and port security for database and other data.

Yes, DaveAIs RESTful APIs allow quick and seamless integration with enterprise systems.

You can get started with DaveAI solutions by reaching out to us and scheduling a demo: https://dev.iamdave.ai/contact-us/