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7 Best Practices of Improving Customer Experience

  • Jui Bagul
  • October 22, 2021
7 Best Practices of Improving Customer Experience

Customer experience alludes to the perception customers have of the brand, taking all aspects of the buyer’s journey into consideration.

The significance of customer experience

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In today’s times, consumers have a plethora of alternatives to select from at their fingertips. There has been a power shift between the sellers and the buyers with the consumers being more knowledgeable than before. With various businesses racing to achieve a position in the market with new facilities to offer now and then, the buyers are advancing cautiously with the investments they make with their time and money. A frictionless customer journey can be driven using intelligent technology solutions that support customer expectations at every touchpoint they have with a particular business.

AI has often been seen as the de facto way that bridges the gap between business solutions and customer expectations. A good CX leads to a better customer engagement that enables customer loyalty and generates sales in return. It can attract new customers via positive feedback and can propel the dynamics of any business in a different league. This increases the lifetime customer value and creates a situation where everyone sings a happy tune. Improving customer experience needs a substantial amount of digital transformation that requires a lot of planning.

Grow your bottom line with these practices

How to drive customer satisfaction in this prevalent consumer-centric landscape?

Let’s dive into the 7 best practices proposed by DaveAI to enhance customer experience.

1. Contemplate ‘omnichannel’:

Omnichannel is a business strategy in which a company provides services to customers on all channels. It enables users to avail services in a combination of various physical and digital platforms leading to a unified user experience.

Starbucks has been on the journey towards brewing an omnichannel CX for quite some time now. Their application blends the digital with the physical to serve not just coffee but an all-inclusive customer experience. Season-based personalized menu recommendations on the application keep the line of customers steady.

You can watch this video to get an idea of the omnichannel funnel Starbucks creates to drive in new customers –

2. Welcome ‘personalization’: ‘One size fits all’ is a very poor strategy to be implemented by a business. Satisfying the custom needs of the consumer has become important.  Around 87% of people feel personalization affects them.

Karnataka bank has been using an AI, ML, NLP-based bot to create a personalized journey for a customer. The digital agent called ‘DHIRA’ understands the intent and preferences of the user and fulfills demands existing around various banking facilities efficiently.

You can watch this video to see the actual implementation of the bot on a kiosk providing a personalized experience to a customer –

3. Build customer profiles: Understanding the needs of the customers and aligning the vision of the company with the fulfillment of those needs is very important to improve customer satisfaction. Segmenting and building upon the customer principles is another step useful for enhancing CX.

Merino Laminates is using a 3D visualizer to provide a personalized virtual landscape to customers to choose accurate designs of laminates from. Visualizers instill confidence amongst buyers to purchase items without any risk and prove to be a brand credibility assurance strategy. Building a blueprint of the needs of the customer to improve the CX interface and align it with AI, the technology ruling various existing domains today was an integral part of the implementation of this custom solution.

You can download the Merino Laminates case study to get detailed information about the solution:

Click Here -> Download Merino Laminates Case Study

4. Leverage the strength of AI: AI has been capturing various processes in different service-providing domains. Using this technology to offer innovative customer services with the help of virtual avatars or AI chatbots can be the boost required to improve CX.

Maruti Suzuki has deployed multiple AI-based solutions to enhance the client experience on various digital platforms. These personalized solutions help improve the user interface and enrich the quality of customer experience on various channels.

5. Maintain connectivity with customers: This strategy helps take the CX to another level. Building a good rapport with the customers, irrespective of time or location restrictions can help improve conversion rates and the sales of a business.

ICA Pidilite uses a visualizer to display the designs virtually and stay connected with the clients or prospective customers at all times. This digital strategy supports the physical interactions of the business.

You can watch this video to understand how a 3D product visualizer can bridge the gap between the physical and the digital worlds to provide all-time connectivity to customers –

6. Use analytics: It has been found that almost 90% of managers trust the ability of analytics to increase sales. This analysis proves to be the driving force in providing behavioral-driven engagement to the customers. Measuring the customer experience metrics is a great step to be prepared to fulfill consumer demands and boost revenue.

Netflix has been using data analysis to improve the experience customers have on their platform. The data gets collected when their subscribers check, watch, pause, stop, ignore a particular show. This helps understand customer preferences and build a personalized account for the user, in turn improving the CX.

You can watch this video to know how Netflix uses Analytics to improve the CX –

7. Collect feedback: Gathering insights on an existing strategy used to provide services can help tweak CX in tune with the current trends.

YouTube uses this strategy to gain a better understanding of the customer perception about their service quality, algorithms, and needs of the user. It has the most scalable way where a fixed question gets asked, which takes the user to the survey section if the question gets answered.

CX: 2021 and beyond

It is crystal clear from the market trends today that the value quotient of customer satisfaction has never been higher than it is this year. The future of many businesses dominantly depends on CX and based on the survey created by Gartner, 89% of the businesses will challenge each other via CX in the future. Today AI is the technology,  businesses are betting on the highest to take the quality of CX a notch higher and maintain a place in the market in these unpredictable times. The latest trends will help enhance consumer sentiment about a business and keep customers satisfied for a long time to come. This journey of improving the customer experience begins with auditing the existing methodologies adopted and then making use of the above-mentioned strategies to make the business goals meet customer demands.

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