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AI and Chatbots need personality; Here’s why

  • Jui Bagul
  • December 21, 2021
AI and Chatbots need personality; Here’s why

The use of AI and chatbots in strategies built for a business has gone from just being a token of the brand having a digital identity to an important extension of the brand through powerful customer conversations to strengthen clientele relationships real quick.

The importance of chatbots having a personality

A chatbot persona is a bot having human-like characteristics while handling conversations with users. The presence of a chatbot on any digital platform can nudge people to make accurate purchase or service decisions that help enhance customer experience. A confident purchase leads the customer to spend more time on the platform leading to an increase in sales. This can happen only in a scenario where people feel comfortable enough to talk to the bot and are sure enough to know about the authenticity of the information provided.

One way to establish this is by building a bot that has a trustworthy personality that people can relate to. Of course, the performance of the bot is of utmost importance and only a bot fit to meet business requirements and customer demands can be considered as the brand ambassador for the business. But if this bot also has a noteworthy personality, acceptance from the audience becomes more likely.  

AI and Chatbots need personality
AI and Chatbots need personality
The benefits of developing a personality for the bot are:

-> Build a face value for the brand in the market.

-> Connect with customers by providing facilities in a way they find relatable.

-> Deliver experiences in tune with the image of the brand.

-> Establish an emotional connection with the customers to build long-lasting relationships.

-> Attract new clients by developing curiosity amongst people that gives them something worth looking into.

How to build a winning brand personality for the bot?

1. The purpose for building the bot:

The business objectives should be very clear to deploy a bot that proves to be a successful endeavour. For example, if you are building a bot for a business that is in the domain of retail, the bot should be able to recommend products, demonstrate features, and answer queries related to the purchase very precisely. If the bot has to be deployed for a banking platform then it should be able to maintain conversations regarding loan applications, account maintenance, etc. In the retail scenario, the bot can have a personality that is a little fun and entertaining whereas in the banking domain the personality of the bot should have a formal, professional tone to be synonymous with the use of activities in the financial sector.

 2. What image does the brand wants to convey?

The personality of the bot plays an important role in making people perceive the brand in a certain way. If it is a fashion brand that sells teenage clothes, designing a bot that attracts the right customers by mirroring customer profiles to be the image of the brand is important. In this picture where the brand wants to exude a youthful persona, building a bot with the characteristics this generation commonly has is necessary. The youth of today has a lot on their proverbial plates, which makes it a little difficult to keep up with the current trends and provide what their constantly changing needs keep looking for. So this youth-focused brand can show its knowledge by highlighting the way the services are displayed by using a virtual assistant with a personality that is young and has a little spunk and tells a story that pulls at their heartstrings. This will make them relate to and interact with a chatbot as their friend and the brand will eventually gain recognition.

3. What does the customer want?

Understanding whom the chatbot is going to interact with is the necessary step that leads to the discovery of a niche for the personality. The purpose of customer engagement should also be pinpointed. To jot down the job description for the bot just like you would for an employee to target customer requirements can prove to be beneficial. Gender of the personality, tone of voice are important factors that can be finalized after conducting a survey or market research to find out what most people are reacting positively to and provide personalized services to customers.

If a bot with a memorable personality has to be pondered upon, Alexa is a very famous personality that exudes the persona of the most caring, trustworthy, and approachable person. Alexa’s personality shines through her exuberant traits of being clever, witty, funny, relevant, and also efficient all at once. This makes this bot the most loved virtual assistant today that requires no introduction to the brand it represents.

Quick pointers to build a compelling personality of a bot for a brand

1. How the bot greets users is very important.

2. The bot should be quick enough to handle responses on time.

3. The bot should be able to handle human-like conversations pertaining to topics outside of the common queries that arise. This can be done with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

4. The bot should have witty, humorous responses at the right place and time to keep the experience entertaining.

5. Providing the same kind of replies to the majority of the questions should be avoided.

6. It is imperative for the bot of the brand to have manners.

7. An interactive chatbot that provides a stellar experience to users that includes a unique way to end the conversation also leaves a long-lasting impression on people. Asking questions, making them think is a clever way to do so.

Building bots with avant-garde personalities at DaveAI

When it comes to the use of machines in today’s age, it has been seen that there is greater use of AI if deployed with a human touch. Various factors like security, authenticity, and privacy come under scrutiny at every use of a technology-driven service that is deprived of the feature of a certain familiar instinct that comes with a known experience. So to make the experience empathetic for the customers DaveAI develops different personalities of digital humans that fulfill various business requirements of different industries.

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DaveAI’s Virtual Avatars

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