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Are your retargeting campaigns really personalized?

  • Sriram P H
  • May 21, 2021
Are your retargeting campaigns really personalized?

Understanding customer satisfaction is the key to retaining your customers in today’s marketplace. The exponential growth in the retail industry, calls for an amalgamation of technology and marketing put together in the form of a customer engagement tool. Retargeting campaigns are a great way to engage the audience effectively.

Consistent customer service/experience can be offered through personalised campaigns. This can be retained by deploying AI-powered campaigns that look at all previous customer interactions to nudge the customer to take the next best positive action. Real Personalisation is not about getting the customer name specific to each communication but the ability to adapt content relevant to the customer. We call it Hyper-Personalisation at DaveAI. 
Small & Medium retail outlets continue to manage customer databases & campaigns manually. Manual recording of customer databases in spreadsheets or basic CRM systems can be unsustainable. With guaranteed data accuracy, an effective campaign management tool promises optimized marketing & thus ensures better ROI. 

A strategic way of approaching an individual customer can be employed by optimizing the content through various channels (email/SMS/Whatsapp/Social Media) for smarter targeting. A campaign management tool helps a retailer measure the outcomes of his marketing programs in an efficient manner. With its better planning in marketing, this tool can avoid sales/marketing problems. They not only help in converting store visitors to buyers but also create a better brand awareness thus retaining customers and customer loyalty.

Did you know that DaveAI has a powerful campaign management tool built into the platform designed for retailers? Schedule a demo to know more.