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Virtual Avatars making Digital Conversations more Human Like

  • Jui Bagul
  • May 16, 2022
Virtual Avatars making Digital Conversations more Human Like

Chatbot here, chatbot there, chatbot everywhere… often find yourself face to face with a digital conversation bot on a digital platform nowadays, don’t you? Chatbots are a very popular deployment on various platforms today. With these bots providing 24/7 services to people, the time when one had to wait to get things done is long gone. But as the use of these bots is increasing, the essence of the human touch is being missed by many. Lack of emotions makes people a little apprehensive about the usage of chatbots. That is where a digital avatar takes a heroic entry and removes all the limitations of the bot to pull the curtain up for an empathetic experience. In today’s times, a virtual avatar is being used as a digital assistant, a mannequin for fashion and retail, or a user in the virtual world of the Metaverse.

Basic avatars vs semi-realistic motion avatars vs realistic motion avatars

When it comes to a presence in the virtual realm, there are two aspects that shout ‘important’ at the top of their capability. One is interaction ability and the other is graphical realism. A low level of graphical realism and responsiveness, verbal capabilities are the traits that make the avatar a basic avatar. This avatar displays no facial expressions or body movements.

The avatar that displays responsiveness to some extent but comes with a restricted fluidity of the body and face has been referred to as the semi-realistic motion avatar. 

Realistic motion avatars come with the most advanced motion tracking system seen until today. Interactions are initiated based on body posture, movements, facial expressions, and the right attitude to interact.

For example, a slight smile combined with a little batting of the eyes makes the conversation pleasant along with what is being said by the digital human.

Virtual Avatar for Digital Conversations
DaveAI Avatar

The importance of virtual avatar digital conversations

Let’s consider a conversation with an AI Avatar. Imagine you are in a digital realm trying to purchase a wristwatch for your mother:

Avatar: Hi, I am your virtual assistant. Are you looking for something? I can help.

User: Yes, I would like to give all the wristwatches a glance. Can I see the catalogue?

Avatar: Sure, if you could tell me the person you want to purchase the wristwatch for, I could personalize the options for you.

User: I am looking to buy a wristwatch as a gift for my mother.

Avatar: That’s great, with Mother’s day around the corner, that would make the perfect gift. Here are the options for wristwatches for ladies. Would you like to tell me something about her preferences so I could shorten the list further for you?

User: She’s a Leo. She would like to glance at a nice fiery piece on her wrist.

Avatar: Here is the entire summer collection available. Elegant styles, sun colours, and an affordable price. Hope you find a match.

User: This is a great collection. I am picking one wristwatch from this I am sure she would love. Thank you for your help.

Avatar: It was great talking to you. I got to learn a lot from you. Can’t wait to meet you again. Bye.

This would take around what, 10 minutes? In an otherwise situation you would have been exploring for hours to find the perfect wristwatch. Searching through keywords and talking to an avatar is a completely different thing. Yes, you would have been able to find a list of your preferences on the site through a keyword search but that tab would not have solved your queries and customized the experience further for you to have a satisfying experience. Left with limited options you would have come out dissatisfied, not to forget, out of time. A virtual avatar arranges things for you out of the standard customer requirements, making it the perfect choice for any virtual world activity.

Conversations in the midst of avatars today

While speaking about an avatar in comparison with a chatbot what difference does it bring to the table where the same consumers are seated you may ask? A virtual avatar gives a bot a face, voice, and emotions. The benefits of the chatbot can be wrapped in the body of a human-like avatar that proposes that you as a consumer take full advantage of everything technology has to offer.

Conversations initiated by an avatar offer the following benefits to a business and its consumer:

  1. Co-existence: The familiarity of being a part of human-like interactions enhances efficiency and makes people trust the source and the authenticity of the information being provided.
  2. Sociability: A virtual avatar depicts personality along with physical traits like hair, body movements, different sets of clothing, and style. This makes users comfortable to speak and participate in the digital world activities.
  3. Connection: The virtual world can bring about a sense of isolation by creating discord with emotions. A virtual avatar can create a sense of community amongst users and satisfy the needs of people craving a bond. 

Virtual avatars increase engagement by displaying human-like IQ and EQ. Conversational brand ambassadors deployed on mobile applications, websites, and instore kiosks make the services of a business personalized, entertaining, and relatable which drives consumers to make faster decisions in favour of the business. Avatars also form a great marketing strategy that allows customers to ask questions. Avatars as virtual influencers display details of the company in a compelling way and can replace the confusion and exhaustion with the essence of reality by giving a chance to the product and service providers to connect with the audience in a real way and simplify the process of reaching out.

The DaveAI virtual avatar catalogue

DaveAI avatars use GDPR compliant facial detection and NLP-powered conversations to contribute to a hyper-personalized environment. DaveAI’s recommendation system performs actions based on a process that includes evoking the right response from the user, acknowledging user intent, eliminating uncertainty from conflicting evaluations, and clearing doubts as and when required. DaveAI avatars can be integrated on a platform as well as cloud, without altering the base code and schema.

DaveAI has a myriad range of personalities for a virtual avatar for you to choose from and also provides a facility for you to customize the avatar based on your business requirements. Some of them are:

  1. Aiva: Aiva is a female with a pleasing personality that serves as a virtual seller and takes the modern approach of providing purchase advice meticulously.
  2. Dave: Dave is a male with dapper clothing and a sophisticated style. Dave can help demonstrate products in a compelling way on various digital platforms.
  3. Eric: Eric is a male who is spontaneous and informative. Eric can recommend products to customers in real-time.

With the rapid tech advances of today, seeing the level at which digital humans have reached is beyond the emotion of us being surprised. With an increase in the job functions, that virtual avatars come equipped with, it is sure to surpass all expectations we have from technology in the coming decades.

Dive into the pool of experiences DaveAI virtual avatars have to present. Go through the wide collection of personalities available with us and build a customized strategy for your business with the tech components we have to offer.

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