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Can Technology Drive Mass Customisation in the Home Interior Market? This Chinese Furniture Brand has the answer.

  • Sriram P H
  • May 21, 2021
Can Technology Drive Mass Customisation in the Home Interior Market? This Chinese Furniture Brand has the answer.
Technology Drive Mass Customisation
Technology Drive Mass Customisation

The market for bespoke products has always been considered as a niche. The target for players in this market has been the top of the pyramid of the consumer segment. The increase of disposable income of consumers in the Asia Pacific region has a significant change in consumption patterns.

  • The urban youth today is no more a laggard in terms of spending and consumption. Personal Lifestyle that includes clothing, cosmetics and automobile have been seeing an upward trend in sale of bespoke products where customers are trying to establish their personal taste in products they wear or drive.
  • Personalization is the new trend but can technology drive hyper-personalization of products? Well, Technology is driving this new upsurge of mass customization. And the home has remained a core of this conversation for a long time now.
  • It is not a new trend to use an interior designer or a carpenter to make products unique to your space or need. Even in terms of products, Ikea hacks are very popular where customers have leveraged the DIY concept to innovate by themselves. However, the results are not always satisfying for the end customer which is proven by the emergence of furniture and furnishing product brands.

However, Technology Drive Mass Customisation – Technology is now enabling retailers and manufacturers combine mass production and personalization of design possible. A great example is Suofeiya, that specialises in the R&D, production and sale of bespoke wardrobes and other furniture. ith more than 3,000 stores across the country, its business covers custom wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, wooden doors and flooring, hardware, other furniture items and houseware.
Suofeiya has upgraded every step of the customisation process from design, production and packaging to transportation and installation, by introducing automation to increase production efficiency. Using the new production method, a factory can turn out more than 10,000 bespoke furniture items of all sizes, colours and specifications every day. This move not only greatly enhances the efficiency of bespoke production, but also meets the specific demands of consumers for different designs and features
Suofeiya makes use of self-developed software to link up the whole production process from design to manufacturing. Also with the acquisition of online furniture design software DIY Home, which the company’s in-house team has augmented to allow customers design their own furniture, making the whole design process more interesting and giving full play to personal inspirations
There are some key wins they have accomplished here. ‘Customer’ is at the core of this whole conversation; technology is leveraged to help the company scale effectively and enables customer delight!

Is this the future of Home Lifestyle Retail globally?
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