Front End Developer

Job Description

We are NOT open to students.

We are looking for someone who can learn and develop into taking ownership of front end development activities with the following competencies.
Knowledge: Javascript, JQuery, Graphs/Statistics, Angular/Alpine JS, CSS, HTML

Technical skills: These are the competencies required to fulfill the responsibilities of the role.

The skills include (and may not be limited to)
➤ Pure javascript knowledge and other core DOM manipulation frameworks like jQuery, Alpine.
➤ Knowledge of WebGL framework is preferred
➤ Knowledge of UI debugging is mandatory
➤ Responsive design (css grid, flex)
➤ Version Control (git)

Communication skills:
➤ Oral communication
➤ Written communication: this is required to ensure the portal/end product’s
content is grammatically correct
➤ Easily navigable GUI

Problem solving:
➤ A Candidate should be able to do a root cause analysis of problems and communicate the challenges with clarity
➤ Should be able to solve problems using creative solutions that meet customer requirements

Personal Attributes: Team player, Self-starter, Creative, Risk averse, Deadline oriented, Ability to receive constructive feedback, learning oriented, non-resistant to change

0- 3 yrs

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