DaveAI powered

ExpoVerse for Maruti Suzuki has witnessed engagement from ~2 Lakh unique customers so far!

The digital landscape of websites and applications today is fragmented, with limited interoperability, creating a siloed experience for users and lacks a comprehensive and immersive experience that seamlessly integrates virtual and physical realities, leading to user dissatisfaction. That is where the Metaverse comes into the picture.

The Metaverse offers significant importance for brands by creating immersive and interactive digital environments that foster meaningful engagement with their audience. It presents a unique opportunity for brands to establish a more personalized and dynamic presence, enabling them to connect with consumers in novel ways. This enhanced level of engagement not only boosts brand awareness but also provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and behavior. By embracing the Metaverse, brands can stay at the forefront of digital innovation, build stronger customer relationships, and tap into new revenue streams.

Maruti Suzuki in partnership with DaveAI launched Expoverse; a multipurpose Metaverse platform to virtually exhibit its participation in Auto Expo’23 to the world. This partnership demonstrates Maruti Suzuki’s vision of a greener future and tech driven mobility and DaveAI’s vision of democratization of AI. This brand specific Metaverse platform hosts a:

Launch zone

This is a space that the user avatar can enter to experience immersive brand stories from Maruti Suzuki. The brand is using Metaverse to bring their history, vision, technological developments and success stories to the world.

Adventure zone:

In this space the users can take part in adventure sports like rock climbing and earn rewards. User participation in brand stories ensures people remember the experience for long.

Technology zone

This is a space where users can gain knowledge about automotive technology. Another way of storytelling leveraged by the brand to educate customers and pique interest.

Studio zone

Here the user can take a selfie with their avatars next to their favourite Maruti Suzuki model and share it on social media. An example of storytelling that goes beyond the exhibit- this experience does not need reminders.

Entertainment zone

This is a space for users to come together to socialize, relax and enjoy some music and dancing with a group of friends and loved ones. Multiplayer Metaverse experiences allow users to explore the virtual world collectively and lead to emotionally intelligent stories that get an instant ‘yes’ from users.


This is a virtual showroom that exhibits a collection of 16 models for the user to explore.

Sustainability zone

This is a space where the users take a pledge to give back to nature through Maruti suzuki’s vision for a sustainable future that goes beyond the cars they manufacture. Green technology is the theme of this space that depicts Maruti Suzuki’s journey of developing cars with a better environmental performance. A classic example that not just talks about the brands vision but also social awareness issues like these that need to be addressed.

Discover the Immersive 3D Realms of ExpoVerse

For a wider reach, Maruti Suzuki arranged for the availability of VR devices at about 1100 dealerships all over India and this experience is available through other devices like mobile phones, laptop, and desktop as well. The key differentiator for all DaveAI powered Metaverse experiences for brand customers in the market is the virtual avatar deployed as a digital assistant or a virtual salesperson to personalize the journey. Powered by an AI sales brain, this virtual avatar was deployed in the Expoverse as well to simplify navigation on the platform. Initially the Expoverse was developed only for the Auto Expo and was going to be available to users for a period of 1 month. But having witnessed a jump by around 15% in test drive bookings and user engagement from more than 500+ cities, Maruti Suzuki has decided to make the Expoverse a long time initiative. As of today Maruti Suzuki has included new models like the Jimny on the platform for users to explore and book a test drive for with fun, ease and convenience.

Talking about the Expoverse project

“We are expanding our digital footprint and this year our ecosystem gets stronger. After the massive success of our two Metaverse projects with DaveAI- Nexaverse and Arenaverse, we are now announcing the launch of Expoverse. This multipurpose Metaverse platform is to enable accessibility and connectivity to people who would like to witness the Auto Expo without restrictions of geographical boundaries.”

Mr. Shashank Srivastava

Senior Executive Officer, Marketing & Sales-Maruti Suzuki

“The output that came from DaveAI was fabulous. I am looking forward to work on many more projects with them.”


Project Manager, Agile and Martech


Watch what Shashank Srivastava,
Executive Director – Marketing & Sales, Maruti Susuzi,
has to say about DaveAI enabled NEXAVERSE!