DaveAI powered digital experiences crossed

18 million unique customer interactions in 18 months on the Maruti Suzuki platform!

Customers want access to the services of a business at the click of a button today. Instant gratification and quick solutions to problems has become easy with the advancement of technology. Building a digital presence without any assistance leaves customers prone to the risk of confusion, dissatisfaction and inaccurate decisions that reduce the chance of customer retention.

Maruti Suzuki in collaboration with DaveAI launched an AI powered virtual sales avatar as the digital twin of the Maruti Suzuki showroom relationship manager. Powered by speech and NLP, this digital assistant helps provide personalized solutions to the customer at every touchpoint.

In the first 18 months of deployment, Maruti Suzuki has witnessed:

Unique Customer Interactions
Leads Qualified
Hours Dwell Time
Increase in Average Session Time

Solution highlights:

DaveAI’s solution helps consumers navigate the space and provides an empathetic experience through a digital salesperson that allows 24/7 assistance. This allows people the liberty to access the platform at their convenience and also find guidance when required. DaveAI powered customer experiences on the Maruti Suzuki platform provides:

Relevant Assistance

Replying to FAQs, tracking user’s activity within the page to contextualize the discussion.

Proactive Support

Proactive assistance, motivational nudges for customers at regular intervals.

Self Learning System

Learns from customer interaction data, improves accuracy and business outcomes.

Inclusion of Dave in this customer journey provides Maruti Suzuki with a


Improvement in Engagement Time


Improvement in Conversion Events

Interactions with Dave

Dave – the virtual sales assistant has been deployed on the Maruti Suzuki platform to help customers tour the offered products and services and make the digital experience seamless. Dave is fluent in many languages. To curate a personalized journey for the customers of Maruti Suzuki, DaveAI is well versed with the values the company embodies and products and services they have to offer. With the essence of Maruti Suzuki in every interaction, the following activities are performed by Dave:


Assist Customers in quick product discovery.


Handle activities other than conversations like navigation, listings, etc.


Respond to queries promptly and accurately.


Provide Real-time product recommendations.

Maruti Suzuki about DaveAI

“Maruti Suzuki has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the digital space. In this journey of our digital transformation, we are proud to say that we are associated with DaveAI and we could successfully implement some path breaking new technologies like the avatar or the chatbot in various initiatives of digitalizing the customer experience. ”

Ram Suresh Akhila

Executive Director, Marketing

“DaveAI has a clear vision and we totally resonate with it. As we are a customer centric company, the idea of improving customer experience through an AI-based avatar or chatbot is something that we relate to. We have been on this journey for a long time and are thankful for the support DaveAI has been giving us.”

Noritaka Wakuda

Head, Suzuki Global Digital


DaveAI’s engagement with Maruti Suzuki started with two pivotal concepts. First was a virtual reality experience for Brezza to increase ROI.The second was enhancing in-showroom kiosk experiences through avatar enabled interactive self service touchpoints. Over the course of time, Maruti Suzuki’s problem statements evolved rapidly and the vision was reimagined to power all Maruti Suzuki web interfaces with a virtual sales assistant- Dave.
Dave works as a smart chat assistant to improve successful loan applications for Maruti Suzuki smart finance. DaveAI powered virtual avatars and chatbots then went live across other lines of business.
DaveAI has also partnered with Maruti Suzuki in other engagements such as the prestigious Nexaverse project, intelligent paint formulation for smart match app, etc.