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NEXAVERSE generated 20% E bookings in the first 3 months for Maruti Suzuki.

People today not only spend a considerable amount of time in the virtual world for entertainment but they also conduct various commerce related activities in this space. The key take-away from this changing landscape is the fact that, in the future, a large proportion of human interactions are going to be in this virtual world or the Metaverse. For many years, the automobile sector has been experiencing a paradigm shift which has left traditional market demands behind. The new wave of innovations has brought with it the need to re-consider long-held assumptions around business models and customer engagement. To be a part of this paradigm shift, Maruti Suzuki decided to consider a new way to engage with customers and operate as a business. This is when, In partnership with DaveAI, the idea of NEXAVERSE – a standalone Metaverse was formulated to launch the Grand Vitara in a virtual Nexa showroom.

Through Nexaverse Maruti Suzuki was able to generate:

Leads Per Day.
Users Per Month

Features of NEXAVERSE:

Maruti Suzuki plans on launching all the cars in the Metaverse where they are expecting to generate more than


Visitor Per Month

Maruti Suzuki about NEXAVERSE

“We wanted to go a step further in our digital journey. To introduce the Grand Vitara in Metaverse, DaveAI team came up with the idea of Nexaverse. We are very happy to share that DaveAI supported us immensely and Nexaverse could see the light of day in a short period of time along with global unveiling of the Grand Vitara. We are seeing very good traction and 20% of our bookings are from this Metaverse strategy.”

Ram Suresh Akella

Executive Director, Marketing

“The output that came from DaveAI was fabulous. I am looking forward to work on many more projects with them.”


Project Manager, Agile and Martech


Watch what Shashank Srivastava,
Executive Director – Marketing & Sales, Maruti Susuzi,
has to say about DaveAI enabled NEXAVERSE!