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Karnataka Bank Unveils A Phygital Experience Center Powered by DaveAI

  • Dinesh
  • May 16, 2024
Karnataka Bank Unveils A Phygital Experience Center Powered by DaveAI


In celebration of its 100th anniversary, Karnataka Bank  has launched an innovative project– a Phygital Experience Center powered by DaveAI.  In the wake of the institution’s centenary celebration, they wanted to showcase their achievements and the vision for the future in a future-focused manner. To achieve this, KBL partnered with DaveAI to create an experience that is a fusion of physical and digital worlds devised to deliver a multi-sensory journey through the bank’s past and visualise KBL’s vision for the future.

By breaking traditional limitations and harnessing DaveAI’s technology, KBL positioned itself as a leader in digital transformation and customer experience.


KBL sought a future-focused approach to commemorate its centenary that avoided the limitations inherent in conventional celebrations. Traditional methods were deemed resource-intensive and lacked the desired impact to engage audiences and solidify KBL’s position as a pioneer in the digital banking landscape.


This Phygital Experience Center brings together cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Avatars and QR code integration. These technologies are seamlessly integrated into various touchpoints within the centre to enable visitors to set off on the exploration of the bank’s 100-year journey and gain insights into the future of banking. This initiative draws upon proprietary research data, which indicates that 85% of customers today prefer banks with interactive and immersive service spaces.

The Phygital Experience Center showcases Karnataka Bank’s pioneering advancements and innovations. Through interactive exhibits and hands-on experiences, visitors gain a deeper understanding of the bank’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital banking landscape. Touchpoints within the centre provide demonstrations of digital banking platforms.

At various stages in the development of the Phygital Experience Centre, DaveAI harnessed Text-to-Speech technology to alleviate the need for manual recordings and enable swift iterations. This approach streamlined workloads and facilitated seamless script revisions until finalization.

With this technology, we prioritised efficiency in testing, refining and achieving optimal results.

Key Features of Karnataka Bank’s Phygital Experience Centre  

  1. Interactive Video Wall  

A key component of the Phygital Experience Center is the interactive video wall which incorporates a gesture-based interaction system developed by DaveAI.

This system uses computer vision and machine learning technologies to facilitate an immersive user experience within retail environments and interactive exhibits.

DaveAI’s proprietary gesture recognition algorithms enable visitors to intuitively navigate and interact with the digital content displayed on the wall. The lifelike 3D transitions that blend into the interactive wall’s visuals are also rendered in real-time using our proprietary engine which employs advanced rendering techniques to deliver visually stunning and photorealistic experiences.

  1. Virtual Reality Experience  

As visitors step into the Virtual Reality (VR) pod, they are greeted by a virtual avatar that extends a warm welcome to the future of banking with Karnataka Bank. This avatar, built with DaveAI’s proprietary visual synthesis pipeline, introduces the concept of the VR experience.

DaveAI’s visual synthesis pipeline played a critical role in revolutionizing avatar creation. The advanced capabilities of this pipeline enable unparalleled precision in building lifelike avatars for diverse applications across all touchpoints within the Phygital Experience Center.

Visitors are then immersed in a 360-degree photorealistic overview of a digital banking unit. High-resolution photorealistic rendering from DaveAI’s pipeline ensures that every element, from the sleek design of the physical space to the digital interfaces and interactive displays, is represented with utmost accuracy. Users can virtually move around and explore the various zones, interactive touchpoints and state-of-the-art technologies that define the digital banking unit.

This innovative showcase of the digital banking unit acts also as an educational tool. It also aligns with the bank’s commitment to transparency and innovation. Upon donning the VR headset, visitors find themselves in a virtual lobby where they are presented with two options:

  1. Future of Banking Unit  

The 360-degree video begins with an introduction to the Future of Banking at Karnataka Bank and highlights innovation, technology and AI as the driving forces behind the bank’s transformation. Visitors are introduced to the concept of virtual banking with the help of an AI consultant who explains how artificial intelligence can provide quick and in-depth analysis for investment and financial management.

The video shows scenarios of investment decisions and gives visitors a glimpse of the advanced capabilities of AI in the banking sector. The experience transitions into a simulated car-buying journey powered by the bank’s digital services. It lets visitors explore the process of financing, making secure transactions and managing their finances in the virtual world. The video concludes by reinforcing the exciting times ahead in banking with Karnataka Bank,

In this segment, the virtual avatar, DhIRA, acts as the narrator.

  1. Xpress Digital Banking Unit (Xpress DBU)  

The Xpress DBU unit creates an immersive and informative experience for visitors seeking to explore Karnataka Bank’s digital banking offerings.

  • Interactive Demonstrations:  
  • Opening an Xpress Bank Account: A virtual avatar guides users through a video simulating the account opening process.
  • Getting an Xpress Loan: Another video, featuring the avatar, illustrates the steps involved in applying for a loan.
  • Interacting with a Relationship Manager (RM): The VR experience culminates in a simulated interaction with a virtual RM. Visitors can initiate a request and view pre-recorded videos depicting RMs resolving common customer queries.

These demonstrations minimize the learning curve associated with using VR for digital banking services. The goal is to showcase the Xpress DBU’s capabilities in providing efficient and user-friendly solutions, all within an engaging and informative environment.

  1. Innovation Showcase  

The Innovation Showcase features multipurpose Kiosks. These interactive kiosks equipped with 28-inch screens and tablets allow visitors to explore various banking products and services across different categories:

  • Kiosk 1: Digital Products: This kiosk highlights the bank’s digital banking platforms, mobile applications and online services.
  • Kiosk 2: Personal Banking Products (Including NRI):  This kiosk caters to both local and non-resident customers, showcasing a diverse range of personal banking offerings such as accounts, loans, and features specifically designed for NRIs.
  • Kiosk 3: Business Banking Products:  Dedicated to business banking solutions, this kiosk provides insights into offerings for businesses, entrepreneurs and corporate clients. Users can explore features such as business loans, digital payment solutions and other financial services designed to support their ventures.
  • Kiosk 4: Agriculture & AR-Powered Card Discovery: This kiosk showcases specialized products and services for farmers. It also features an AR-powered card discovery area.

AR Enabled Card Discovery Area:  This area allows visitors to use a tablet with an Android app to scan displayed cards. The app transforms the scanned card into an interactive experience.

  1. Interactive Large QR Code Fixture:  

This element features a large QR code designed to capture visitor attention and promote Karnataka Bank’s QR code functionality for making payments.

Upon scanning the code, an avatar explains the functionality in detail and highlights the simplicity and convenience of the bank’s payment platform.

DaveAI’s Impact on the Campaign  

DaveAI’s text-to-speech technology accelerated content creation and development cycles and allowed efficient iteration and refinement of scripts for optimal results. Our expertise in computer vision, machine learning and proprietary rendering engines also facilitated the creation of highly realistic 3D transitions and immersive environments within the centre.

KBL positioned itself as a flagbearer in embracing technology to enhance customer experience which aligns perfectly with the growing industry preference for interactive and immersive service spaces.

The success of the Karnataka Bank Phygital Experience Center serves as an example of DaveAI’s resolute drive towards innovation. By harnessing the power of AI, we empower businesses and institutions to unlock growth through transformative campaigns and initiatives that redefine customer engagement, brand loyalty and market success.