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How Can DaveAI help you in Understanding Customer Needs?

  • Surya Vamsi
  • March 31, 2022
How Can DaveAI help you in Understanding Customer Needs?

Success in this era of the internet not just depends on the product or the price, but also on how accurate the brand is in understanding customer needs. With many choices available in the market, customers are no longer limited or restricted to sticking with the same brand in spite of the misalignment between their needs and the brand’s solutions.

DaveAI in its years of pursuit to enhance the customer experience making futuristic experience a reality, has successfully integrated AI into various solutions to help the brands understand their customer needs. In its attempt to bridge the gap between expectations and reality, DaveAI has helped various brands integrate AI solutions onto various touchpoints providing their customers with exactly what they require.

How Can AI help understand customers better?

AI with its capability to automate interactions helps brands seamlessly communicate with customers. Although not a complete replacement for humans, AI, through automation and augmentation, can improve the overall efficiency of brand communication with the customers.

When coupled with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, AI can further break down the existing communication barriers thereby clearly interpreting and analyzing the inputs from the user. With enhanced communication powered by premeditated algorithms that help analyze the available data, AI provides the brands with exactly what they need- A complete guide to the customer’s needs.

How can DaveAI help you in understanding customer needs?

Hyper Personalize Customer Interactions

With Machine learning and data analytics capability, DaveAI’s patent-pending technology can hyper-personalize the conversations and interactions with the customers. DaveAI’s Virtual Avatars and AI-powered Chatbots can initiate the conversation with the customer in natural language enabling a smooth flow of the conversation.

Personalize Customer Interactions

Depending on the customer inputs and previous conversations, the AI-powered solution understands customer preferences and makes recommendations of the product depending upon his/her individual choices. This helps the brand not only to personalize the conversation with the customer but also in the process of upselling and cross-selling.

Get Actionable Customer Insights

Unlike a few years back when AI was dependent on the customer information fed to it manually, present-day AI with the help of ML has the capability to gather the required data all by itself through its conversation with the customer. DaveAI’s empathetic AI helps not only improve the customer experience but also provides the brand with actionable insights from the customer.

Actionable Customer Insights

Through the interactions, AI can filter out valuable information about the customers like their demographics, interests, preferences, purchase patterns, time spent on pages, etc. After collecting these insights, DaveAI’s self-learning system and intelligent triaging can guide the customers through a seamless flow of purchases.

Predictive Analysis

Personalizing a customer experience depends on the capability to predict his/her next move. DaveAI’s chatbots and virtual avatars through the analysis of gathered information through the conversations can build a complex persona of the customer which then can be used to predict their next step.

Improved Lead Generation and Amplified Conversion rates

One of the prerequisite conditions to amplify conversions or increase lead generation is to create a pain free customer journey- DaveAI’s Chatbot can just do the same. From the initiation of conversation through a pre-programmed set of questions to hyper-personalizing it with the help of self-learning systems, DaveBot simplifies the customer journey. Based on the user’s interaction/search history, it can also nudge him/her towards the product of their liking thereby amplifying the chances of conversions.

Improved KPI’s

Different customers might have different queries about the same or varying products. A major cause of dropouts is often unanswered FAQs which break the customer’s journey towards a purchase. DaveAI’s Virtual Avatars and chatbots, on the other hand, can configure different journeys for different pages with a diverse set of information related to the product.


Customers can easily type in their query and get the required information about the product or have their doubts resolved. While providing transparency towards the customer side, the AI engine also leverages the FAQs asked by the customers to understand their preferences or pain points and then recreates a personalized flow of conversation to better his/her experience.

About DaveAI

With a vision to “Help Enterprises Sell More and Sell Better” DaveAI has been a preferred Sales Augmentation Platform for various global brands including Maruti Suzuki, ICA Pidilite, Merino Laminates, Landmark group, etc. Through its AI Solutions and products, DaveAI has helped these brands not only to augment their customer experience but also magnify their KPIs like 70% more customer engagement, 30% more profitability, etc. Powered by Machine learning and Natural Language Processing, these solutions can handle complex queries, continuously learning and adapting to every conversation.