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The Era of 3D Visualization in E-Commerce

  • Jui Bagul
  • September 8, 2021
The Era of 3D Visualization in E-Commerce

Nowadays the rate at which things are becoming obsolete in the world is increasing rapidly with a constant demand for a fresh experience in life. Technology has completely changed the look of the world with different strategies coming to the forefront each new day to enhance the quality of life of people one ‘click’ at a time. The most common industry, a product of these changing times that has been found to influence the lives of people to a larger extent than any other sector; is the e-commerce industry.

The pandemic has been a great indicator to show the world what lies ahead for everyone in the future. When it comes to the e-commerce industry, people have not just accepted it for what it is but are also loving the facilities it has to offer. But with the constant need to keep updating and building a pillar on the foundation of ‘experiencing something new in life now and then’, there is a lot of pressure on people.

3D visualization in e-commerce
E-commerce: A trend to look out for!

Why has e-commerce become so popular?

The simplicity with which anything can be purchased is the main reason people prefer to shop online rather than visiting a traditional store. The long queues, travelling hassles, and the expenses that come with it have put people off the idea of an actual brick-and-mortar store. With a step into the digital world, the life of comfort and ease has suddenly started looking bright with a future of endless possibilities. E-commerce allows the sale and purchase of different products all around the world. ‘Only local’ is something that is on the verge of becoming extinct. Connecting to people all over the world and experiencing different cultures is something that takes the idea of e-commerce a notch higher than its competitive industries.

When it comes to comparing the use of e-commerce in recent years, with no plateau on the graph, the usage of e-commerce is only seeing an upward trend and is supposed to go higher in the following years. The sales in the industry of e-commerce are supposed to reach an estimation of 18.1 percent this year according to recent survey statistics. It is expected to contribute to retail sales by about 22 percent by the year 2023 all around the world.

The need for evolution in the e-commerce sector

With the lifestyle of these services being adopted by all, it has become important for various business owners to come up with unique ideas to stand out and provide an experience for people that makes them come back for more. With a spotlight on this sector, spotting the light at the end of the tunnel of never-ending demands has to be done with a strategy that helps give everyone what they need.

3D Visualization is the key

3D visualization in the e-commerce domain has emerged as the winner in the race of providing better amenities to make shopping fun and accurate. Product visualization in e-commerce is the eye-opener that takes the already existing facilities to another level setting a benchmark for the other industries to follow. It not only has the power to provide a fresh take on things but also makes shopping on digital platforms the most accurate without requiring any extra resources. 3D visualization in e-commerce is the journey to a store in the digital world with a chance to experience variation. This not only helps make a well-informed decision after comparing different products with each other but also helps visualize how a certain product is going to look with an actual virtual setup that one would like to imagine it to be in.  

For example, if picking the right laminate design for a space is the goal of a digital shopping spree, then making use of a 3D visualizer to check how different designs look on surfaces of an actual layout of that space enables picking a theme wisely. When virtual shopping is interactive, getting demands fulfilled in no time with recommendations that suit the actual needs of a person is the satisfaction that ends the search for a product. A guided interactive journey is a plus point that consists of a virtual avatar to make shopping better in all aspects.

Advantages of visualizers - 3D visualization
Advantages of visualizers

With 3D visualization in e-commerce, the apprehension of buying an inaccurate product gets eliminated. E-commerce businesses get a guaranteed boost to their sales. With the error rate associated with buying a product coming down below 1 percent due to product visualization in e-commerce, economic growth in the business is seen on a continuous rise.

3D e-commerce: The big picture

With various next-gen mechanisms used as e-commerce product visualization strategies, choosing the right product to be purchased through an e-commerce website is easily achievable today. Data-driven technologies like AI, ML, IoT, and emerging technologies like VR and AR provide value-induced experiences to bring out this era of 3D visualization in e-commerce. With such inventions, the reality is closer than it appears, which has proven to be revolutionary for business owners as well as customers alike. E-commerce returns exist commonly and have an impact on the sales generated through the e-commerce sector. 3D visualization technique before any purchase is the accurate solution to avoid such losses.

With people getting used to different trends and their tastes changing from time to time, picking a particular product has become a huge deal for the customers as well, which makes them choosy. Making a product stand out in this competitive environment is not easy. But how a product is displayed to the users can turn the tables and create a long-lasting impact on people. With a good customer experience being the focus of e-commerce businesses today, investing in 3D visualization is the strategy that needs to be implemented to meet the goals of the ever-evolving times.