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The Rise in the Adoption of Digital Avatars

  • Vidya
  • May 21, 2021
The Rise in the Adoption of Digital Avatars

Within this flux of developing technology, we have lost touch with the one thing that served as a core ideal for all business practices though the aeons — intimacy and human interaction. Buried under increasingly impersonal routines and machine-like processes, we have forgotten what truly makes a bargaining deal. But here’s the thing, technology doesn’t serve merely to make less human. Adoption of Digital Avatars can greatly help with these.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt through the pandemic it’s that we can certainly use it to our benefit to further human connection. One need only look at virtual platforms like Zoom that have helped us stay in touch and connect irrespective of this global disaster, further deepening attachments. 

Cue Digital Humans! 

You might be asking yourself what they are with more than a little degree of suspicion. Well, we must all agree that AI has significantly impacted our daily lives by simplifying and improvising human tasks. With increasing demand for round-the-clock, speedy service experts have projected that by 2025, 95% of all service will be carried out by Artificial Intelligence. However, there will be better tools to improve the human touch across digital interfaces, impersonal as they are.

Adoption of Digital Avatars,Virtual assistant voice recognition service technology
Virtual assistant voice recognition service technology

This is where Digital Humans/Virtual Avatars come into play — companies have started deploying these AI-powered virtual assistants to ensure fast and efficient service to “n” number of customers while also maintaining the “human” element of business. Digital Humans use both verbal and non-verbal cues to interact with users and ensure that the transaction is not done merely in numbers and figures of cash but also in emotions. They analyze tone of voice and facial expression to recreate natural human interaction in real-time, helping to build customer goodwill by curating trust as well as speedy service. AI Avatars combine the best of both worlds, human and technological. 

This development has been made possible only through machine learning. The creation of photo-realistic people has been facilitated by the making of a machine that could analyze real humans and replicate what they learnt. Hence, Digital Humans are constantly evolving and learning to do better, be better at the work that is expected from them. Not only do they provide continuous and emotionally satisfying service but they also have access to an unlimited database that you can access through them. The AI itself collects knowledge and data in two ways. The first being through data that is hard coded through a panel, or “static information”, like the opening hours of your store for instance. The second is “dynamic information” which refers to information like the weather that changes all the time. Here the vast expanses of the internet are used by the AI to retrieve the best answer most suitable to the customers question. 

Picture booking a holiday: In conversation with a Digital Human you could reveal what your ideal vacation could be, including budgets and preferred travel dates, and they (on analyzing your verbal and nonverbal reactions) would scour their extensive data collection and get back to you with a refined list of potential places to visit. From the business end of things, imagine this level of service with not one, or two but as many customers that have approached you simultaneously. This scalability is another factor that makes this development so indispensable. 

The same experience can be utilized in almost any industry, from Retail and Real Estate to Banking, Finance, Insurance, and Healthcare, where brands can help their customers with any & every information/service with a quick avatar assisted interaction. A Virtual Avatar can help one pick out their clothes based on what the customer is looking for, what kind of event they’re dressing for, body measurements, tastes, and preferences. It is precisely due to some of these advantages that this technology is increasingly being looked at as an asset by several major industries. And quite rightfully, the future of all business interactions lies within the hands of these Virtual Avatars!

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