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Unboxing of a Virtual Sales Avatar- DaveAI

  • Shivani Goyal
  • May 21, 2021
Unboxing of a Virtual Sales Avatar- DaveAI

DaveAI is an Artificial Intelligence-powered sales augmentation platform. The platform helps brands create a virtual sales avatar to understand their customers, and customers’ preferences & deliver a personalized value-selling experience that improves profitable sales for the brand.

It is modelled around the brain of a salesperson. It uses deep neural networks and proprietary genetic algorithms to short-circuit the information loop delivering hyper-real-time recommendations leveraging data collected intelligently from the physical storefront, virtual stores, and via sales reps.

Dave is a virtual sales avatar that has the ability to capture actionable data to deliver a hyper-personalized value selling experience, unique to every customer that Dave interacts with and creates a compelling product discovery experience. It can be deployed in these kiosks either in a store or as a conversationally intelligent virtual sales avatar in a digital twin of a physical store in both online and BTL events.

Block Diagram
Unboxing of a Virtual Sales Avatar

GDPR Compliant Facial Detection:

  1. The camera installed in the kiosk captures customer attributes using GDPR-compliant facial detection.
  2. Has the ability to capture more than 60 attributes.
  3. Facial Detection
  4. Using the demographic profile of the customer, Dave understands what drives spin to the store, what inspires and frustrates them.
  5. Not just that but further ask pertinent questions to gauge the customer’s requirement. The demographic profile of the customer and the input received from the microphone are then fed to the Recommendation System.

Natural Language Processing Unit:

  1. Dave engages with the user in an integrated and conversational manner using speech recognition and natural language dialogue to obtain information. The use of NLP simplifies the search process.
  2. The primary way NLP is simplifying the process is by asking the right questions in expedient time frames and accelerating the data discovery process, which can be considered akin to self-service itself.
  3. The conversation interface performs follow-on tasks by coordinating various components such as language components, dialogue components, task management components, information management components, and a plurality of external services.
  4. The interface can interact with people in three languages- English, Hindi, and Kannada.
  5. The user may find the conversational interface more intuitive and less burdensome than conventional graphical user interfaces.
  6. The user can engage in a form of conversational dialogue with the assistant using any number of available input and output mechanisms, such as speech, graphical user interfaces, etc.

Recommendation System:

  1. The recommender performs the following actions: actively eliciting input from a user, interpreting user intent, disambiguating among competing interpretations, requesting and receiving clarifying information as needed, and performing actions based on the discerned intent.
  2. It uses this data and accesses the Database to showcase the targeted content in a 3D format on the display device and drive traffic to dead zones in a retail space.
  3. Dave uses this understanding of the customer and understanding about the product and its features to make a hyper-personalized product recommendation.
  4. Display important and engaging promotions to turn heads and leads towards a successful purchase.
  5. It also provides navigation to reach out to any desired product.
  6. Dave helps in optimizing the product mix that is sold to improve the profitability for brands by recommending products that the customers might buy but also aligned with what the brands want to sell.

A recommendation system helps in enabling users to sieve through large information and product spaces. It combines all recommendations of all the users and then picks the top N recommendations for the target user.

Product Recommendation,Unboxing of a Virtual Sales Avatar
Unboxing of a Virtual Sales Avatar
Advanced Product Recommendation ,Unboxing of a Virtual Sales avatar
Unboxing of a Virtual Sales Avatar

High-Quality Visualizations At Low Cost:

  1. High-quality visualizations require expensive high GPU hardware.
  2. The cameras that are required to be implemented are of high cost; higher configuration GPU and CPU are required.
  3. The expense of installing a high-quality visualization in a kiosk or on the cloud is much higher.
  4. But because of our technology, we can render realistic products on low GPU and low-cost hardware.
  5. Hence, reducing the cost of each deployment so that brands can scale it easily, and as a consequence of that, the return on investment is higher.
  6. Deploying Dave is worth as- Less investment, and more sales.
  7. This creates a win-win situation as it would get easier for customers to discover and visualize the products and thus making the purchase decision simpler while the brands would get higher returns on investments and more satisfied and happy customers.

One of the unique features of Dave is that it’s not a static recommendation engine but is able to adapt to changing customer information in real time during the conversation. This whole experience of Dave can be deployed across different scenarios for example on digital signage, either inside the store, any physical retail space, or virtual storefront.

Some of the industry verticals wherein Dave is currently deployed are Personal Lifestyle, Home Lifestyle, Automobile, and BFSI. There are synergies available with verticals like hospitality, healthcare, etc, which will be considered in the future.

It can be deployed in different scenarios across customer touchpoints that the brand prefers. In scenarios like home lifestyle and automobile, it can ask pertinent questions to understand customer requirements. It adapts itself in real time and recommends products or features based on changing customer information.

Brands can also use Dave sales companion application to empower the sales reps with actionable insights. Dave uses this understanding to make real-time personalized product recommendations, the recommendations can be made on a Virtual aisle for the home lifestyle sector or in the form of virtual sales avatar for any given brand. Dave can also power a brand’s marketing campaign to drive in-store traffic such as AR-powered digital out-of-home Virtual Mirror for apparel retail, etc.

Some of the leading brands which have been using Dave’s services are Maruti Suzuki, Landmark Group, ICA Pidilite, Star Bazar, Blue Star, United Colors of Benetton, Axis Bank, etc.

Maruti Suzuki uses the Virtual Car Recommending system built by Dave AI which takes in user input and recommends the car based on the information received which would help elevate sales. People can use this virtual car recommender to get suggestions for cars, compare the features, and to book their test drives just by sitting at their homes. Thus, making the purchase decision easier.

Dave AI also offers a suite of lite products such as the appointment scheduler bot, social distancing compliance monitor, etc. Star Bazar at Bangalore has started using the Appointment Scheduler integrated by Dave AI in the wake of COVID-19 so that people can pre-book their appointments before visiting the store and as a consequence of that the risk of COVID can be lowered.

With this value proposition, Dave is able to improve lead qualification rates, improve conversion rates for brands, and the overall product discovery experience for customers.